Saturday, February 09, 2008

Chirp, chirp, chirp

Chirp, chirp, chirp. Do you hear them? I was hearing little peeps chirping.
My little fingers clicked to the and there they were. Soft, buttery yellow, little peeps. Chirping for me to hold them and pet them. Right then and there I was twitter-pated. I scooped them up in my little cart. They arrived carefully wrapped by Sheri and the elves.

Shaking, I unwrapped each skein. Yeah I know, I ordered more than the peeps but I just had to have a few extra skeins. Stash build up, you know.

L to R is Butter peeps in fingering, Cool Fire in worsted, Butter peeps in worsted and Cloud Jungle in lace weight.

I grabbed the swift and winder and butter peeps was wound. I cast on for the socks and I am in knitting heaven here. I love it!
And they're mine, all mine. After all, I am the one who saved these little peeps from another knitter's needles.

The above package came in the knick of time. Mr. Bettis is in T-R-O-U-B-L-E...........again. We shut our bedroom doors when we leave the house. Mr. Bettis is forbidden to jump, leap or otherwise frolic er destroy beds. ALL beds.
However, I went into my room after an outing and it looked as if it had snowed in there. Mr. Bettis shredded my comforter. We went to Walmart to purchase a cheap quilt. After all, buying a cheap quilt vs. expensive quilt saves money for chirping peeps.

This is where I found Mr. Bettis the other day. Notice I was smart enough to put plastic on the bed. Not that, that will deter him from the bed. I couldn't figure out how he was getting in the bedrooms knowing we shut the doors. So I shut the door and lurked around the corner. AH-HA! I caught him "red-pawed" hitting the door latch! We have latches not knobs on the doors and that oaf figured out how to unlatch the door. The one-armed DH is now at the hardware store trying to find something to fix this problem. Trust me, I won't allow the DH to use the table saw to fix any problem at this time. :)

p.s. The butter peeps saved Mr. Bettis from finding a picture of himself on the web looking woeful hoping someone would put him in their "cart" to bring home.


Bubblesknits said...

Even though he's getting in trouble, it's absolutely hilarious that he's learned to open the door! :-p

monica said...

Your new Dream in Colors yarn is beautiful.

Mr. Bettis is a smart "oaf" what a stinker!!

KnittingMoose said...

What a dog!! Although I suppose we ought to give him credit for figuring out how to open the door... ;)

Pretty yarn!

Sheri at The Loopy Ewe said...

I love that Butter Peeps colorway, too! (And I know it's not funny that your dog destroys the quilts and comforters. Not at all. But it did give me a little laugh this morning when I read this....) :-)

Laura Neal said...

He is so cute! I love his talent! I found a rawhide on my bed the other day, the dogs were obviously all over it. That is why I only have quilts or blankets on the bed, the hound dog has huge toe nails and when he steps on my feet, ouch!
I splurged on some angora yarn. It was cheap and from elann. sigh!

ChristyH said...

I think I might try to collect all of the DIC colors and then knit a rainbow sock and not share my yarn.

Does Mr. Bettis get out much?