Monday, August 14, 2006

Knitter's Un-Invention

I take my knitting everywhere with me particularly in the car. I usually take socks in progress because it is so portable. Invariably I lose needles in the car as I am taking my project from it's bag. Imagine a woman screaming I LOST IT! The DH mumbles, "Yeah I know you lost it". I don't thing he is referring to my needle. I think he is referring to my mind. Good thing he mumbles. Anyway this recently happened on a busy interstate of which I forced him to pull over while I frantically looked for the needle so I could knit. (I also drop needles in a restaurant while I am retrieving the knitting from my purse, talking and drinking my coffee). I and my knitting friends have a solution and it only cost 23 cents!

Go to a lumberyard (the husband will be thrilled that you actually
want to shop at a lumber yard and not a yarn shop).
You will need: One foot of 1/2" vinyl tubing found in the plumbing dept on a roll
(you need a clerk to cut it for you)
Scissors and socks in progress.
Cut a piece of tubing 5 1/2" long. Cut a slit down the center of the 5 1/2" piece.
Open the cut tubing and slide your dpn project thru the slit.

VIOLA! A needle holder! It took minutes to complete and it only cost 23 cents! You can make them in various sizes because the tubing comes in many sizes. Costs vary. The DH pointed out that if the tube gets stretched and no longer grips just roll tightly and it is back in shape. Smart thinking DH!

23 cents.........Wonderful
No more screaming in the car causing DH to panic............Marvelous
No more lost needles....................PRICELESS!


Diane said...

What a great idea! And can't beat the price. How are you liking your sock wizard program? I just used mine today to get the right measurements for my grandson's size 6 1/2 foot. Saves so much time wondering if you are knitting anywhere close to the right foot size.

Jan said...

That is so perfect. I have one of the metal holders (which are wonderful), but I sometimes feel like the edges along the slit are too sharp for some of my yarns. Do you feel the need for end caps on the tubing, or is the tubing snug enough?

gypsyknits said...

Thank you. I am waiting for the metal holder to arrive but I have TOO many socks on the go for just one holder. I found the tubing is snug enough without ends. I cased the lumberyard for caps but couldn't find anything that would work. I took the sock knitting to a band meeting last night and I was so pleased with this holder.

peaknits said...

This is awesome - I've been on the hunt for some dpn holder - and this is such tiny effort and cost - thank you!

gypsyknits said...

I humbly thank all of you for your wonderful comments on my knitter's un-invention. (I bow with unfinished project in hand)


Love the lumber yard and the hardware stores of America!
This is proof, again, that necessity is the mother of invention!

Donna said...

what happens when you lose the tubing while you're knitting? Rubber bands work well for me and I can keep them on my wrist while I work. Just two rubber bands from my very own kitchen junk drawer....

gram said...

I love the idea to keep up with the needles on the go!